The UEFA Europa League, already called the UEFA Cup, is an annual association football club rivalry managed by UEFA since 1971 for qualified European football clubs. The qualification rules are based on the clubs performance in their local leagues and cup competitions. Previously called the UEFA Cup, the competition has been known as the UEFA Europa League subsequent to the 2009–10 season, following format changes. For UEFA soccer records purposes, the UEFA Cup and UEFA Europa League are viewed as the same rivalry, with the change of name being just a re-branding. The most successful team in UEFA Europa League is Seville with 4 titles. All live in game data, live score and live streams are available on our platform. This season schedule: ° Group stages : 17th Sep – 10th Dec, 2015 ° Round of 32: 18th Feb – 25th Feb, 2016 ° Round of 16: 10th Mar – 17th Mar, 2016 ° Quarter-finals : 7th Apr – 14th Apr, 2016 ° Semi-finals : 28th Apr, 2016 – 5th May, 2016 ° Final: 18th May, 2016

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