The Primera División (First Division) of the Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP), regularly referred to, in English as, La Liga (The League), is the top professional football association of the Spanish football and is founded in 1929. Its official name is Liga BBVA (BBVA League) for sponsorship reasons. Twenty teams are taking part, as the last three qualified teams directly goes to Segunda División and are replaced by the first two teams plus the winner of a play-off game between the third and the forth team. Spain UEFA rankings coefficient for 2014/2015 season is 20.214, which is the first place in the ranking table. The current Spain Champion is FC Barcelona with 23 titles on their name, but Real Madrid have in total 32 titles. All live in game data, live score and live streams are available on our platform. The 2015-16 LFP campaign runs from 22nd Aug 2015 until 15th May 2016.

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